Community Collaboration

etcetera is for-profit business.  We love providing a place for consignors to bring their unused items and get some value out of them, and to make that process as enjoyable as possible, while keeping our customers engaged in the vitality of our business.

However, some may find the consignment process too much of a hassle, and would rather simply have their items out of the house (or often, out of the car).  For them, we offer our Community Collaboration program, which combines the ease of donating to Goodwill with the satisfaction of benefitting your favorite local groups, whether it’s a church, PTO, NGO, or any other non-profit.

It begins with the organization: put out a call to your members/supporters to consign with etcetera, and we can accept items from anyone who wants to contribute on your behalf.  They must simply let us know that they are consigning on your behalf. That’s it.  And 50% of the proceeds from each sale go directly to the organization.

Our featured community partner

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